Our Mission

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Most of the one million parents in the U.S. with a serious mental illness are caring, capable, and committed to their children. They are raising between one and three million children who are at great risk right from birth: They are twice as likely to live below the federal poverty level, 76% more likely to experience food insecurity, and have a 30-70% chance of having mental health conditions of their own.

Child & Family Connections is the nation’s first nonprofit that supports underserved families living with parental mental illness. We improve their lives in meaningful ways—through Peer-informed education, advocacy, and support. Our community-based interventions build resiliency by empowering family members with pragmatic and effective knowledge, skills, and tools to help them develop courage and find hope. As generational and enculturated ideas and behaviors change, reducing often-crippling shame and stigma. And we bring families into the support of a caring community of their peers.

Child & Family Connections is building a system of care as a means of realizing our vision of a world in which families living with parental mental illness are free from shame and stigma, supported with equal compassion, commitment, and resources as other medical illnesses.