CFC Published in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 2014 Volume 37, Issue 3 (Sep) Every family has a north star: Family healing and recovery. by Kaplan, Evan Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal Special Issue: Parents With Psychiatric Disabilities Editor: Judith Cook, PhD and Kim Mueser, PhD Guest Editor: Joanne Nicholson And Barbara J. Friesen Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Vol 37(3), Sep 2014, [...]

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Philadelphia Inquirer Article: CFC is helping kids deal with parent’s mental illness

Helping kids deal with parent's mental illness By Stacey Burling, Inquirer Staff Writer  August 05, 2013 Contact Stacey Burling at 215-854-4944 or Evan Kaplan was with his 9-year-old daughter, who was having trouble with anxiety, when she told her therapist her father wouldn't let her switch to a new school because of his [...]

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CFC live on WHYY’s Voices in the Family

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Daily demands add up and can be stressful and unnerving. For parents who've been diagnosed with a mental illness, life’s ordinary challenges and daily activities can feel extraordinary—and this can affect the entire family. Psychologist Dan Gottlieb and his guests discuss parenting with a mental illness — how families can cope in a way that allows parents to parent. Dan’s guests include Evan Kaplan, Melodie Jackson, and Katy Kaplan. Evan Kaplan is the co-founder and CEO of Child and Family Connections, Inc.

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