CFC Keynotes at the 4th International Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health Challenges

April 25th-27th, 2014
Berkeley, California USA

CFC Keynotes at the 4th International Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health ChallengesChild and Family Connections’ Executive Director, Evan Kaplan, is honored to be a keynote speaker at the 4th International Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health Challenges in Berkeley, California on Friday, April 25 – Sunday, April 27, 2014. This important conference is bringing together parents and experts from around the globe to learn and share their knowledge and experience to advance the rights and highlight the needs of families striving to live well with parental mental health challenges. This is a rare opportunity and the first time the conference has been held in the United States. Please consider joining Child and Family Connections at the conference.
Conference Objectives: Participants will have an opportunity to explore two general theme areas:

  • The challenges of parenting for adults with psychiatric disability or mental health concerns
  • The impact and challenges for children & young people living in families with parental psychiatric disability or mental health concerns, including those associated with being a young carer

Themes and topics will include:

  • Evidence-informed supports and services for young people, parents, and families
  • The legislative/legal barriers parents confront in maintaining custody of their children including interactions with the child welfare system and family law courts
  • Strategies for building trust and reducing stigma while supporting parents and children
  • Information on how psychiatric disabilities and mental health concerns are experienced by parents and both their young and adult children
  • The use of technology-based platforms to provide information, training, education and support to parents and families
  • Advocacy strategies for supporting families living with parental mental health challenges

Conference Format:

This 2.5 day conference will begin with an evening of networking. For the remainder of the conference, presentations and panels will be held both on specific themes and cross theme areas. We will be providing opportunities during the conference for people to gather formally and informally to discuss issues of common concern.

For more information, email us at You can also download a copy of the conference brochure here.

We hope to see you there!