Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 2014 Volume 37, Issue 3 (Sep)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
2014 Volume 37, Issue 3 (Sep)

Every family has a north star:
Family healing and recovery.

by Kaplan, Evan

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
Special Issue: Parents With Psychiatric Disabilities

Editor: Judith Cook, PhD and Kim Mueser, PhD
Guest Editor: Joanne Nicholson And Barbara J. Friesen

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Vol 37(3), Sep 2014, 261-262.

Topic: This contribution describes a personal recovery journey and the creation of an organization focused on rebuilding relationships between members of families living with a parent(s) with psychiatric disabilities. Purpose: Adults living with serious mental illnesses have the same hopes and dreams of being successful and resourceful parents to their children and contributing family members as other parents. Specific suggestions highlight ways in which mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners can support and promote recovery for families.

Sources Used: Personal data and resource information available on the Child and Family Connections website located at

Conclusions and Implications for Practice: Practical guidelines are offered to engage and work with parents living with mental illnesses. Improving our understanding and capacity to better meet the needs of parents with psychiatric disabilities will more likely enhance their roles as parents.

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Table of Contents

  1. Developing the evidence base for families living with parental psychiatric disabilities: Crossing the bridge while we’re building it.
    Pages 157-161
    Nicholson, Joanne; Friesen, Barbara J.
  2. Recovery in a family context: Experiences of mothers with serious mental illnesses.
    Pages 162-169
    Carpenter-Song, Elizabeth A.; Holcombe, Billy D.; Torrey, John; Hipolito, Maria Mananita S.; Peterson, Loretta D.
  3. “It’s not that straightforward”: When family support is challenging for mothers living with mental illness.
    Pages 170-175
    Perera, Dinali N.; Short, Liz; Fernbacher, Sabin
  4. Context and opportunity: Multiple perspectives on parenting by women with a severe mental illness.
    Pages 176-182
    Barrow, Susan M.; Alexander, Mary Jane; McKinney, Jacki; Lawinski, Terese; Pratt, Christina
  5. Mental health consumer parents’ recommendations for designing psychoeducation interventions for their minor children.
    Pages 183-185
    Riebschleger, Joanne; Onaga, Esther; Tableman, Betty; Bybee, Deborah
  6. Parenthood and severe mental illness: Relationships with recovery.
    Pages 186-193
    Bonfils, Kelsey A.; Adams, Erin L.; Firmin, Ruth L.; White, Laura M.; Salyers, Michelle P.
  7. Availability of services for parents living with mental disorders: A province-wide survey.
    Pages 194-200
    Hilton, N. Zoe; Turan, Chelsea
  8. Parenting and psychiatric rehabilitation: Can parents with severe mental illness benefit from a new approach?
    Pages 201-208
    van der Ende, Peter C.; van Busschbach, Jooske T.; Nicholson, Joanne; Korevaar, Eliza L.; van Weeghel, Jaap
  9. Implementing an intervention for parents with mental illness: Building workforce capacity.
    Pages 209-215
    Biebel, Kathleen; Nicholson, Joanne; Woolsey, Katherine
  10. Preventive family service coordination for parents with a mental illness in the Netherlands.
    Pages 216-221
    Wansink, Henny J.; Hosman, Clemens M. H.; Janssens, Jan M. A. M.; Hoencamp, Erik; Willems, Willemien J. C. T.
  11. Assessing an Internet-based parenting intervention for mothers with a serious mental illness: A randomized controlled trial.
    Pages 222-231
    Kaplan, Katy; Solomon, Phyllis; Salzer, Mark S.; Brusilovskiy, Eugene
  12. Outcomes of programs serving mothers with psychiatric disabilities and their young children: A multisite case file abstraction study.
    Pages 232-241
    Cook, Judith A.; Steigman, Pamela J.; Jonikas, Jessica A.
  13. The economic status of parents with serious mental illness in the United States.Pages 242-250
    Luciano, Alison; Nicholson, Joanne; Meara, Ellen
  14. Assertive community treatment for parents with serious mental illnesses: A comparison of “parent-sensitive” assertive community treatment teams versus other teams.
    Pages 251-260
    White, Laura M.; McGrew, John H.; Salyers, Michelle P.; Firmin, Ruth L.
  15. Every family has a north star: Family healing and recovery.
    Pages 261-262
    Kaplan, Evan
  16. Working with and for parents to create a Family Focus DVD.
    Pages 263-265
    Marston, Natasha; Reupert, Andrea; Maybery, Darryl; Morgan, Bradley