Child and Family Connections live on WHYY’s Voices in the Family

CFC was featured on WHYY’s live radio show, Voices in the Family, with Dr. Dan Gottlieb on Monday, May 20th, 2013. The program focused on how CFC is addressing challenging issues of parental mental illness. Please listen in!

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Daily demands add up and can be stressful and unnerving. For parents who’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, life’s ordinary challenges and daily activities can feel extraordinary—and this can affect the entire family. Psychologist Dan Gottlieb and his guests discuss parenting with a mental illness — how families can cope in a way that allows parents to parent. Dan’s guests include Evan Kaplan, Melodie Jackson, and Katy Kaplan.

Evan Kaplan is the co-founder and CEO of Child and Family Connections, Inc., an entrepreneurial, not-for-profit organization that supports parents with psychiatric disabilities and their children and whose mission is to help families build trust and communication in ways that promote childhood resiliency.

Melodie Jackson is a proud person in recovery from mental health challenges. She is a Certified Peer Specialist and a Certified Recovery Specialist at Al-Assist Behavioral Healthcare Center in Philadelphia and is a workshop facilitator for Children and Family Connections.

Katy Kaplan, Ph.D., is Assistant Director of the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities where she oversees research studies and parenting related initiatives.

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