SafeTogether: A Groundbreaking
New Program to Reduce Custody Loss


As many as 70% of parents with a mental illness lose custody of their children, even when the courts have found no evidence of neglect.

SafeTogether is a pilot program that will keep children in the home and out of foster care during a mental health crisis.

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Video: Learning How to Talk

“Learning How To Talk” charts a father’s journey from the depths of depression and despair to founding Child & Family Connections with his nine-year-old daughter.

Why Does Parental Mental Illness Matter?

Mental Health Facts & Figures

What is the prevalence of mental illness? What is the impact of mental health issues on society? What are the consequences of lack of treatment?

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Parental Mental Health

Most treatment planning for parental mental illness fails to acknowledge or integrate a parents’ critical role as caregiver, provider, and protector of their children and families and only does so when families are already involved in welfare systems.  Learn more »

Solutions for Keeping Families Safe

What are the options for keeping families together and stable? How can peer support advance those aims? We explore psychiatric advances directives, custody, and related issues. Learn more »