Parental Mental Health: Stay Informed

Peer Support Model

Parental mental illness is a complex, multi-faceted issue. It takes place against the broader issue of mental illness in the United States, and it takes into account different treatment options and approaches. We can’t possibly tell you the whole story, but we can offer up some key resources that will help you put the entire issue in deeper perspective, leaving you more informed.

Mental Health Facts & Figures

Mental Health Facts and Stats

What are the key facts and trends? What are the consequences of lack of treatment? Learn more »

Parental Mental Health

Parental Mental Health

It’s an endemic crisis. How does PMH affect families and society as a whole? What are the treatment and prevention options? Learn more »

Solutions for Keeping Families Safe

Research Library

What are the options for keeping families together and stable? How can peer support advance those aims? Learn more »